Lime based materials create a healthier building and living environment

Natural Stone Craft use only traditional and lime based materials including: Natural Hydraulic Lime (Nhl2, 3.5,5, Intercromex, Lithomex (stone Repair), Eco mortar, Ashlar mix, Burnt sand mastic and, mainly, Thermocromex

Thermocromex is a remarkable Limestone High Performance Render that delivers the beautiful look and permanent durability of natural stone. At a cost comparable to roughcast finishes, and when applied properly, is proven not to have shrinkage cracks, for a durable and long-lasting finish that never needs recoloring.

  Used successfully in Europe for over 20 years Thermocromex has been proven to protect the building envelope from wind driven rain and moisture intrusion along with having a product life expectancy exceeding 1,000 years. Thermocromex can be applied to virtually any substrate including, but not limited to, lightweight cement blocks, concrete block, brick or roughcast.

With color pigments that are alkali and UV-resistant blended right into the premix, Thermocromex requires almost no maintenance to enjoy the original appearance, year after year. It can also be applied using multiple colors, for a natural appearance that could only come from stone.



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